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sun burns off the old feathers and the film from the eagle’s old eyes. Upon falling to the earth, the eagle plunges into the water three times, which renews it to full health. 2. The eagle is a symbol of St. John, referring to the prophecy in Ezekiel 1:5,10 dealing with the four living creatures. John was likened to the eagle because he aspired to soar ever higher seeking the truths of God.

EGG – The egg symbolizes the resurrection because hatchlings break free of their eggs just as Jesus broke free from the grave.

ELEPHANT – 1. The elephant symbolizes chastity because it was thought that the elephant showed no sign of passion. 2. The Bestiaries tell us that the elephant symbolizes the fall of man because it was believed that the elephant had no knee joints. If an elephant fell, it required assistance to get back on its feet. A large elephant would try to lift it, but fail. Then twelve elephants would try, but also fail. Finally, a small elephant would try and succeed. The fallen elephant symbolizes a person fallen into sin. The single, large elephant symbolizes the Law of Moses which cannot help the person. The twelve elephants are the twelve prophets of the Old Testament who also cannot help the person. The little elephant symbolizes Jesus, who easily raises the person out of sin. 3. The thick skin of the elephant is symbolic of the stubborn sinner. 4. The ivory tusks of the elephant symbolize purity. 5. The elephant, if ridden by an angel, represents the power of God. 6. The elephant, if ridden by Peter, symbolizes the church going


forth to conquer the world.

ERMINE – 1. The ermine is a symbol of nobility and royalty because kings wore white coats made of ermine fur. 2. The ermine is a symbol of purity and virginity because, according to legend, the ermine would rather die than ruin its pure white coat.

FALCON – 1. The falcon symbolizes evil because the wild falcon is a predator bird that attacks other birds. 2. The domestic falcon, often used for hunting, is considered a symbol of a Christian conversion, going from being a pagan (wild) to a Christian (domestic).

– The fish is a very early Christian symbol (one of the first). The fish is an acrostic. Each letter in the Greek word for fish (Ιχθυs)(ichthus) represents another word.ichthus fish is one of the first Christian creeds:

I - (i) – ησουs (Iasous) – Jesus
χ - (ch) – χριστοs (Christos) – Christ
θ - (th) – θεουs (Theos) – God’s
υ - (u) – υιοs (Uios) – Son
s - (s) – σοταρ (Sotar) – Savior

The fish was used to show the initiated few that you were a Christian. If you walked past the home of a pagan and saw a fish symbol outside the door, it meant a funeral would happen that day. If the house were the home of a Christian, it meant a Bible study would take place there that evening. It was also used

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