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Christian Symbology - 2nd Edition
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Symbols have been used to tell the Christian story in every century since the time of Jesus Christ. From simple scratches on teh walls of burial chambers to lifelike depictsions of the risen Savior in priceless stianed glass windows, symbols have been used to tell the Bible's magnificent story of Jesus.

While the meanings of some symbols are obvious to the viewer, older, more obscure symbols may not be so obvious. Have you ever seen a pelican in a stinaed glass window? Do you konw the real meaning of the popular fish symbol? is the story of the candy cane true? this book will simply and clearly answer these and many more questions about the origins and usage of Christian symbols.

Perhaps you want to use Christian symbols in your local church or ministry. This book will help give you ideas and instruction in each symbol's proper usage.

296 pages packed full of terms and definitions, with over 500 imags and illustrations, Christian symbology is your guide to the obscure world of Christian symbols!